Welcome to Ericsson Padelsection!

Ericsson Employees in Stockholm

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you have payed the membership.

You re-apply for membership every year in Ericsson for Me

You pay 150 SEK per year (the remaining 279 SEK is deducted from your "Hälsokonto")

Select "Mina Förmåner/Hälsa/Ericsson fritidsklubbar/ESIK/Välj 2019 och sektion padel"

Ericsson offering reduced prize for Punch card (max 2/member) and special prize for padel courses.

Ericsson agreement with Padelverket in Älvsjö (6 courts) and Spånga (12 courts ready in April)

Prime-time (10-klipp) Regular price 4320 SEK from 2019, Membership price 3174 kr, Four players on court

Low-time (10-klipp), Regular price 3600 SEK from 2019 , Membership price 2620 kr, Four players on court

Prime-time, Afternoon 17:00-2200 and Weekends. Low-time is Weekdays 07:00-17:00. Punch Card with 10 hour booking valid 1 year from date of purchase!


Ericsson Padeltournament Final 28th of November 2019!


 Tournament 1