Happy New Year 2014 !


The agreement with KRC has been modified. Here are the new rules.


What has not been changed:

You can still play up to twice a month in KRC with ESIK's subventions.

You can NOT report the unused right(s) from one month to any other one.

E.g. if you don't play in March, you can't play 3 (or 4) times in April with ESIK's discount, but only 2.


What has been changed:

ESIK's discount is not 50% anymore: you will have to pay 100 SEK (A period) or 80 SEK (B period).

The tracking has been changed:

- I will send every month an excel file with all ESIK squash section's members. For each member, there are 2 * 2 cells, one to indicate the period time

(A or B), one for your signature.

- KRC will print this table every month so.

- Each time you play in KRC, you have to show your Ericsson's badge, indicate the time period (A or B) and sign in the appropriate columns.

- Every 2 months, KRC will send me back this updated table to be reimbursed.


This table will look like this:



Feel free to contact me if any question.