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Ericsson Stockholm football team ended the Korpen outdoor season on 7th place in Division 1 West series. The team gathered 12 points and scored 31 times. It was a tough season, with good matches but, in a couple of matches, the team didn't have the necessary luck to get all the 3 points.


The team has also participated to the 10th Eriaden edition this year. Held in Gothenburg, it had 10 teams from different countries including Romania, Finland, Hungary and Ireland. The team got 2nd place, maintaining the tradition to finish in the top 3.


Ericsson Stockholm football team plays in Korpen Division 1, West series, 7 a side, artificial grass. A mix of teams are in the group, some coming from Elit, some from Division 1 while others were promoted from the lower divisions.

The level it is still high and the expectations on the team and its players continue to be of quality football and to win every match.


Contact Houssam Khelil for more information about the team.

Team's website: www.svenskalag.se/ericsson_football

News 2017

The outdoor season is over. It has been a tough season for the team who met very skillful opponents in the group. Due to various factors the performance has not been at a high level and the team lost several matches.

Consequently Ericsson team has relegated to Division 1 and most probably will play there in 2018.

The team has always fought back and kept the motivation high so the expectations for next season is to have a stronger team that plays a better football.



Ericsson team started in Elit division, having to play more games as there were 9 teams this time. A number of new players were brought to the team which had to integrate and understand the tactics and expectations.

The level in Elit continues to be high, as even the teams promoted from Division 1 are solid. Ericsson team will continue to give its best and strive to win in every match.


News 2016

Korpen 2016 - end of the season

Ericsson team was part of the Korpen Elit group where it met very good, skilled and fit teams. It was a tough season where injuries and inconsistency impacted the team's play and the results.

The team finished 6th and will continue in Elit next year as well.

Eriaden 2016

ESIK team participated to the Eriaden football competition in Nyköping. There were 11 teams this year with Finland and Germany coming outside Sweden; but also 5 teams from Stockholm.

We met some good teams and we enjoyed the matches. Being fit, having a balanced team and playing a good team football we won the competition! This is a special achievement as we did it for the second time in a row with an excellent goals coefficient. We are also the first Stockholm team to win this consecutively, since the football competition started in 1971.

The results of the matches are below. Well done team!

Group matches:

ESIK - Lund             4-0

ESIK - Kista Kickers 4-0

ESIK - Finland          4-0

Semifinal: ESIK - Stockholm Red Lions  6-0

Final:        ESIK - Stockholm South       6-0



The team continues for the third consecutive season in the top division, Korpen, 7 a side. The team looks forward to the outdoor competition, with some new and strong opponents coming from Division 1. In parallel we will try to train in order to keep fit and play together.

/// Florin

News 2015

Season end

Our team had a good season in the top competition for 7 a side teams. We finished on 5th place with 3 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses, 18 goals scored and 23 conceded. Below are the statistics per player.

We have been more consistent during the season due to good team spirit, improved game and fitness (thanks to more than 20 trainings) which translated to better performance and results.

The team is already looking forward to the next season when we aim to finish in top 4 but also further improve our game and skills.

Thank you everyone for this season!



Manager and player, Ericsson Stockholm Football Team


Korpen championship

Ericsson IK remained in Korpen Elit in 2015 so our journey continues in the top 7 a side league. The teams we meet are very good, fit and skillful which brings us with good challenges every match. Some of the teams have players who play in amateur leagues on 11 a side, in upper leagues.

As a consequence, everyone in the Ericsson IK Stockholm football team has to be fully fit, skillful with the ball, a team player and ready to give 110% each match.

Our prime goal is to continuously improve our performance and build a true team while playing quality football to win every match. And we do that by also having fun.


Manager Ericsson Stockholm Football Team

News 2014

Eriaden 2014

Ericsson IK won Eriaden 2014 football competition. This is a great achievement by playing 4 matches in one day. we played very good football and scored 20 goals, conceding only 3. The results:

ESIK (us) – Germany   3-0 (group stage)


ESIK        – Finland   7-1  (group stage)


ESIK        – Gothenburg   1-1, we won 3-0 at penalties (semifinal)


ESIK        – Katrineholm   9-1 (final)

The Team: Ali, Peter, Maxim, Alex, Nima, Petrili, Jaan, Gabor, Zoran, Florin.



Ericsson IK has played in Korpen Elit division, 7 a side, where it met very good and organised teams. It was more challenging for us and while we put a lot of effort in our matches we didn't get the performances we wanted nor the luck that sometimes decides a match. We have relegated to Division 1, having won 3 matches, drew 3 and lost 8. All the group teams were almost at the same level but the experience most of them had in Elit proved to be decisive in many occasions.

We take this as a very useful experience, one that we can learn from and build on. We are already aiming to return to Elit after the end of next season.

Team statistics

Player Matches Goals Assists Points
Erik (Gk) 12     15
Ali (Gk)       0
Tobias 6 1   8
Marten 5     5
Peter 14   3 19
Johan 10     10
Lawin 5 3 2 13
Petrili 9 1 2 13
Nima 10 2   14
Ruben 10 3   17
Maxim 14   1 17
Yu 10 2 2 16
Florin 3 1 1 6
Long 7     7
Magnus 3     3
Sam 2 1   4
Jonas 3 1   5
Joseph 4 2   8
Gabor 4 1 2 9
Jaan 2   3 5
Match played = 1 point
Assist = 1 point
Goal = 2 points
No goals conceded (goalie & defenders) =  1
No goals defender =  1


News 2013

Ericsson Stockholm Football Team is playing in the Korpen Championship Division 1 North.


We were promoted from Division 2 in 2012 to Division 1 where we are meeting strong, balanced and skilled opponents.


This is a challenge for us which we are happy to take on as we also have a good team.


Our goal in 2013 is to promote to Elit division, Korpen 7 a side.


/// Florin


Team statistics

Player Matches Goals Assists Points
Erik (Gk) 9   1 12
Ali (Gk) 3     4
Tobias 9 2   13
Marten 7 1   9
Peter 10     12
Johan 8     9
Lawin 6 3 3 15
Petrili 7 3 4 17
Nima 12 5 5 27
Ruben 10 2 2 16
Maxim 11   1 15
Yu 11 2 1 16
Florin 11 7 5 30
Damian 1     1
Daniel 4     4


News 2012

We have raised the bar for us by promoting to Division 2 in 2012 and we had a great season. It was a balanced league, where we met very good and skillful teams but we played some great matches.

We had a lot of commitment from the players and everyone put effort in each match. We grew as a team throughout the season and now we have a more complete game, more quality and team spirit.

We finished 3rd in Division 2 with 6 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses. We scored 26 goals and conceded 16.

A big thank you to all the players who made this possible.

The journey continues...

/// Florin

Team statistics:

Player Matches Goals Assists Points
Erik (Gk) 12     22
Tobias 7     7
Marten 10 3   16
Peter 12   1 13
Johan 14   2 16
Rafael 2     2
Petrili 13 2 2 19
Nima 8 1   10
Mirac 6 1   8
Ruben 13 6   25
Daniel 5 2 2 11
Maxim 14     14
Yu 13 1 3 18
Florin 14 10 4 38

Clean sheets: 5

Match played = 1 point
Assist = 1 point
Goal = 2 points
No goals conceded = 2


Season Summer 2011

Ericsson Stockholm Football Team finished 4th in the 3rd Division, Korpen competition North - season 2011.

We have met very skilled and fit team in our first year in this Division, but we have got a very honorable 4th place, thanks to the dedication, team spirit and professionalism of all the players in the team.


  • 14 matches - 22 points
  • 7 wins
  • 1 draw
  • 6 losses

/// Florin

Ericsson Stockholm Football Team is playing for many years in Korpen series outdoor.

Between 2009-2011, we have promoted from Companies Division 3 to Division 1. However, Korpen decided in 2011 to disolve Companies series and move the companies teams to regular series.

And the journey continues...

We are a good, skillful and fit team who plays once per week in Korpen series. We do not train together but we may do this with other teams. We are also committed, having a strong winning attitude.

For more information, please contact Florin Tampau, manager of the team.

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