Dear ski-lovers,

The ski season is around the corner and after several seasons with no or low level of activities we at ESIK Alpina are looking forward to open up our popular ski trips again. We will kick off the season with a trip to Trysil in Norway in December and have most of our classic destinations like Vemdalen, Åre, Tänndalen and Kläppen, planned for the season. In February it’s also time for the Ericsson Sweden Championships in Idre!

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We hope to see you in the slopes!


 Ski trip destinations season 2022-2023


Trysil – December 8-11

Trysil comprises four interconnected ski areas, all with their own unique characteristics. From black slopes in Høgegga to the red, blue and green slopes at Skihytta, Turistsenter and Høyfjellssenter – Trysil has something to offer for skiers of all levels!

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Kläppen – January 19-22

Kläppen offers varied skiing for all skiers and is an ideal destination for beginners. The new Gondol takes you all the way from the valley to the top the mountain.

 Ericsson Championships    

Ericsson Championships – February 2-5

Beginning of February it’s time for the Ericsson Sweden Championships in Idre. Competitions will be both in alpine as well as cross country skiing. On Saturday we’ll arrange a banquet for all participants. Pre-requisite to participate is to be a member of ESIK or another Ericsson sport club. Challenge your colleagues and join us!

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Vemdalen – March 16-19

Our most popular trip year after year is the trip to Vemdalsskalet. Vemdalsskalet spans over two mountains and offer a wide variety of skiing with a bit more challenging slopes on Hovde while Skalsfjället is a carving paradise.


Åre – March 30 - April 2

Åre offers an unique combination of skiing and entertainment in northern Europe's coziest and trendiest mountain village. We will stay in the middle of the village, close to shopping, a large selection restaurants and extensive nightlife.


Tänndalen – April 20 - 23

Tänndalen offers plenty of snow - a normal year it falls 5 meter of snow, which provides great snow conditions the whole season. Enjoy the carving skiing in one of many nice carving slopes or just enjoy a cold beer in the warm spring sun.