Ericsson internal tournament  - KRC - January 18th, 2020


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                                       Congratulations to the winner, Bengt Norstedt!


 And big thanks to Thomas, Kurt, Fernando, Jens, Carl, Björn and Finn for their participation, and the nice spirit during the tournament.

































Happy New Year 2014 !


The agreement with KRC has been modified. Here are the new rules.


What has not been changed:

You can still play up to twice a month in KRC with ESIK's subventions.

You can NOT report the unused right(s) from one month to any other one.

E.g. if you don't play in March, you can't play 3 (or 4) times in April with ESIK's discount, but only 2.


What has been changed:

ESIK's discount is not 50% anymore: you will have to pay 100 SEK (A period) or 80 SEK (B period).

The tracking has been changed:

- I will send every month an excel file with all ESIK squash section's members. For each member, there are 2 * 2 cells, one to indicate the period time

(A or B), one for your signature.

- KRC will print this table every month so.

- Each time you play in KRC, you have to show your Ericsson's badge, indicate the time period (A or B) and sign in the appropriate columns.

- Every 2 months, KRC will send me back this updated table to be reimbursed.


This table will look like this:



Feel free to contact me if any question.



Rabattavtal finns med Kista Racket Center.

Sektionsledare för squashsektionen är This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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